Consignor Information

It’s Easy to Consign

High Society has a tremendous demand for beautiful, quality apparel and accessories from top name brands and well-known designers.

Clothing should be one to two years old, unless it is high-quality vintage. All clothing should be cleaned, pressed and on hangers when you bring them into the store. We consign items using appointments - please call 480.951.2506 to schedule in advance.

Your items will be entered into our computer system in your own account showing the description and the asking price. This list will also indicate the date on which your contract expires. The items will be on the selling floor for 60 days. If, prior to that time, you want your items returned, it is your responsibility to contact us ahead of time to assist in locating them and arrange for pick up.

Any unsold items should be picked up prior to the expiration of the contract – otherwise they are subject to price reduction and donation. If donated, all unclaimed items go to one of our charitable partners and High Society can provide you with a charitable receipt.

Pricing of the items will be determined by High Society and may be re-priced at the discretion of High Society and/or with client approval. Fifty percent (50%) of the selling price of your item will be credited to your account. If you consign current designer bags, you are eligible for a 75% return on the sale of your items, the highest in the industry.

High Society Boutique is not responsible for damage to or loss of consigned merchandise although we will do all we can to prevent either from occurring.



Spring: Brighter colors, cottons, linens, silks

Summer: Short sleeves, whites, light fabrics, sundresses, shorts

Fall: Darker colors, light sweaters, light jackets, long sleeves, long pants

Winter: Long sleeves, boots, outwear, woolens, heavier items


REMEMBER: Your items will sell faster if you follow these four steps

1. Clean each item and get rid of the wrinkles

2. Bring them in on hangers

3. Ensure they are free of rips and stains

4. They are no older than two years